The Natural Solution for Control of Parasites
Use Both Externally and Internally
Strong Anti-Parasitic Action against a Variety of Organisms

Azmira's Giardia and Parasitic Detoxifier contains bitter principles which activate digestice secretions and stimulate blood cleansing. The formula acts against a wide range of worms, amoebas, and parasites including heartworms. Additionally the solution can be used safely to clean the colon, even with Irritable Bowel Syndrome, when parasites are the expected trigger. The extract acts naturally and is prove safe for both internal and external application.

Suggested Dose:
1 drop per 5 lbs of body weight
3-4 times daily


Wormwood (expels worms), Quassia bark (acts on yeast infections, bloating, low energy levels, fungal infections), fresh Black Walnut hulls (oxygenates the blood to cleanse the body of parasites), Neem leaves (natural anti-parasitic substance), Bilva herb, Embelia Ribes, Eclipta Alba, Phullanthus Amarus, Gentian root (reduces circulatory problems, pancreatitis, parasitic infections), and fresh ginger root (increases digestive fluids, relieves indigestion,and diarrhea).