Herbal Calmer
Designed for Stressed or Fearful Pets
Safe and Natural for Daily Use
Muscle Relaxer

Azmira's safe and effective herbal calmer works well as a daily tonic for highly stressed pets, including those who have related digestive problems. Calm and Relax also provides control for many types of seizures and as a general restorative for pets who are in, or have undergone, a long period of pain, hypersensitivity, or hyperactivity. The calming effect also reduces male dominance displays which may persist even after neutering.

Suggested Dose:
1 drop per 5 lbs of Body Weight
3-4 times per day

Fresh scullcap (supports nervous system, helps control most seizures), fresh st. john's wort flower buds (urinary infections; immune support, anti inflammatory, gentle sedative, stress, natural antidepressant, anxiety, irritability; wound healing), fresh calendula flowers (tissue swelling, hormonal imbalance), fresh chamomile flowers (helps digestive problems resulting from anxiety), fresh california poppy (antispasmodic, helps indigestion), fresh wild oats (both relaxant and stimulatory to strengthen the nervous system, for nervous exhaustion, stress), and fresh valerian root (anxiety, fatigue, stress, immune, adrenal and circulatory problems).